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Xiaomi to discontinue Max and Note series?

On Weibo, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun shared the company's product line strategy between Mi and Redmi series. He also added the company have no plans to launch the Max and Note lines this year.
Xiaomi to discontinue Max and Note series?
Redmi Note 7

End of the Max and Note lines?

Despite their popularity due to its bang-for-the-buck specs and performance, it means that the Max and Note series might be discontinued this year.
Screenshot of Lei Jun's statement
Screenshot of Lei Jun's statement

We speculate that the introduction of the new K20 series is the reason behind this. It might also lessen the confusion between the model naming of Xiaomi for their different phones.

Lei Jun shared that the the Mi brand such as Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, MIX series, and CC will focus on mobile phone trends for young people around the world. It will be continue to be the company's higher-end line of phones with powerful performance.

On the other hand, Redmi brand will continue to be extremely cost-effective and high-quality. It will still be targeted to the e-commerce market as well.

The K20/Mi 9T might be the successor of the Note series. However, the future of the Max line is cloudier than the the Note series.

We hope that Xiaomi will continue to make oversized phones with extremely large battery capacity.

What do you guys think?

Source: Weibo
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