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LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier showcased in South Korea

Tech Giant LG Electronics has unveiled LG Puricare Mini Air Purifier, their newest premium air purifier in a compact form, and it was exhibited on a media trip attended by the PH and India team in South Korea a few weeks back.
LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier showcased in South Korea
LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

A portable air purifier

The air-cleaning license for the said product was already been approved by the Korea Air Cleaning Association, hence it is just a matter of time for the commercial release.
With Dual Inverter
With Dual Inverter

With its sleek and handy design, LG said that users can bring it anywhere and can be installed inside their vehicles or small rooms. It highlights a cleanliness indicator is conveniently located at the top front area while all control buttons are placed at the uppermost.
The controls
The controls

LG claimed that with its PM 1.0 sensor, pollutant-free and reliable air is made possible, that even particles smaller than 1 micrometer can be filtered, and it can also get rid of allergens with the addition of total allergy filter.

The mini air purifier boasts of a Dual Inverter motor that can be set in four different purifying modes. The product incorporates a low noise feature to boot, that enables it to operate as quiet as 30dB or a whispering sound.

Users can bring this inside the library, office or cafe without causing a distraction. Its battery is built-in and has a standard capacity of 3,600mAh. Running at slow speed mode, the product can last for 8 hours and can be effortlessly charged with a USB-C cable for approximately 4 hours.

Last but definitely not the least, LG included a smart control which comprises of special features such as automatic notifications, wind intensity control, filter information, pollution history, battery level, and real-time update of air condition. 

The mini air purifier retails for KRW 309,000 in South Korea (around PHP 13.3K before taxes and duties). There's no update yet if LG will officially sell this in the Philippines.  

We will keep you guys posted!

Sources: LG, PulseNews 
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