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Sony is reportedly working on a phone with 5K display

New details from Japan revealed that Sony may be working on a phone with a 5K resolution display.
Sony is reportedly working on a phone with 5K display
5K Sony phones soon?

The phone comes with a model number J8220 with a tentative name of Xperia 1R. It is also rumored to be the Xperia 2.

The first phone with a 5K screen?

Interestingly, the phone might have a smaller 6.1-inch display as per reports. Based on a UA profile, it goes with a 5040 x 2160 resolution with 21:9 screen aspect ratio. In comparison, the Xperia 1 uses a 3840 x 1644 resolution screen only.

Basically, the screen density of that screen is at around 889 ppi! It has over 70 percent more pixels than its predecessor if ever as well.

If true, we could be in for a pixel treat in the near future. It should be useful for VR users. 

However, let us not get overly excited about this. It is still a leak or rumor for now. Let's wait for the official announcement from Sony.

Source: Sumahoinfo
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