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WeSing reveals that it is the number 1 Karaoke/music app in PH, intros new features

Tencent Music Entertainment Group has announced that its WeSing app is now the number 1 FREE Karaoke and music by downloads on Google Play in the Philippines.
WeSing reveals that it is the number 1 Karaoke/music app in PH, intros new features
WeSing reveals that it is the number 1 Karaoke/music app in PH

WeSing, the number 1 Karaoke/music app in PH

To recall, WeSing was first introduced in the country last 2017. In just two years, it became the top music and audio app in Southeast Asia.

Today, the company revealed that it vows to strengthen music exchange among the Philippines, China and other parts of the world.

How? The made its app have immersive music experience that involves singing, listening, watching, and playing.

In fact, it now has hundreds of KOLs in the Philippines and neighboring countries. 

WeSing has recently become the most popular app in its category in the Philippines for three consecutive months and has been highly recommended in Southeast Asia on Google Play.

When it comes to cultural exchange, music is critical. As a universal language, music connects people and breaks down cultural and regional barriers. As part of the Tencent music ecosystem that incorporates music, entertainment, and social network, WeSing innovates to pave the way for music fans to experience online karaoke and share fun anytime anywhere. With WeSing, music fans in Southeast Asia can not only enjoy the music they love but also get connected with people from other parts of the world. In the Internet era, where real-time sharing, multi-interaction, and widespread proliferation have become our way of being, we hope to see more connections would be empowered between people through music in WeSing, said Dennis Hau, Group Vice President of Tencent Music Entertainment

The new features

WeSing has over 6 million free-to-sing songs
WeSing has over 6 million free-to-sing songs

The company also revealed that it has strengthened the features of the app. It has added multiple voice effects and filters to encourage singers to sing confidently and search optimization to discover favorite music categories/songs/artists.

It now has in-app Karaoke battles allow users to interact with friends. There is even a feature that connects influencers and fans as well.

Recently, WeSing has also introduced a stronger Karaoke feature. The company announced that it has optimized its features and services.

And of course, you can share what you recorded on social media easier than ever to make it an even more interactive platform.

Partnership with MYX

To reach more music fans across the country, WeSing also announced that it has partnered with MYX, the music channel of ABS-CBN. MYX will provide daily song lists and help in celebrity-hosted Karaoke programs and duet with artists.

To know more about the app, visit this page.

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