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Watch: Huawei's Android 10-based EMUI10 skin first look!

At the Huawei Developers Conference 2019, Huawei unleashed its latest Android skin, the EMUI10.
Watch: Huawei's Android 10-based EMUI10 skin first look!
System-wide dark mode!

EMUI10 is based on the upcoming Android Q (Android 10) operating system with lots of improvements versus its predecessor, the EMUI 9.1. Basically, EMUI is designed to provide an improved "all-scenario" experience.


Refreshed UI!
Refreshed UI!

For starters, Huawei is using the new magazine-like design with Giorgio Marandi color schemes to make it appealing for both male and female users.
Giorgio Marandi
Giorgio Marandi colors

Also, Huawei said that the magazine-style will allow it to be more pleasing to the eyes and maximize the space on the user's screen. Huawei believed that this style is for a more balanced looking overall layout.

Neater colors, better layout!

It has high saturation for small elements for ease of use and low saturation on the large blocks for a more premium look.

Huawei also studied the reading habits of humans and they thought about where to normally people touch. Basically, they made EMUI10 better for reading and even onehanded operations versus other skins.

In addition, they made the animations more comfortable and smoother. Huawei calls it the "Natural Animation".
New lockscreen
New lockscreen

Apps like the dialer, music, and more have been updated as well. The lockscreen even has adaptive clock colors depending on the time of the day.
The new icons
The new icons

Huawei also made the icons flatter and optimized on EMU10, thanks to the adoption of the golden ratio. Huawei made its icons brighter and simpler. Icons are slightly rounder as well. They even adjusted its button and pressing animation to make it more natural to press.

Lastly, it now has a "human-factor" based Dark Mode that makes it easier to use and more comfortable to our eyes. It is a system-wide type of Dark Mode as well. It basically works even on 3rd party apps.

It is not a simple black and white color inversion. Huawei calculated for the colors in the black mode based on the result of human factors research and testing under four different lighting environments.

EMUI10 even has a WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard to make Web content more accessible to people with disabilities.


A faster skin than ever?
A faster skin than ever?

A good UI design is useless without the optimizations. Huawei made sure that it will have an even better "born fast, stay fast" performance. It now uses its own Ark compiler for better smoothness for 18 months.

Up to 60 percent better app and gaming performance!

Huawei said that it makes app performance 60 percent better than previous generations. It also has an improved GPU Turbo with up to 60 percent better gaming speed thanks to its efficient RAM management, Link Turbo Network with up to 70 percent faster than LTE-only networks, and EROFS ROM - 20 percent faster read performance.

It has an AI deterministic latency engine to identify the priority of different tasks running in the system. It determines which apps and tasks use more or less processing power and automatically adjusts them for better efficiency.

Huawei also improved the collaboration between devices like smartphones and personal computers with the use of its distributed technology. The company basically adopted the cross-device philosophy. In the long run, it will also make developers develop apps easier as it is just like they are developing for a single device.

Multi-Screen Collaboration will allow you to wirelessly connect and mirror your phone to your computer where you can access and transfer files, send messages, and hover your mouse with the UI of your phone.

It is like taking OneHop to another level.

There is also this mode where you can pair your phone to your car using the HiCar apps to control navigation, music, and other functions of your vehicle.

Watch here:


EMUI10 will be available for the beta-testing phase to the public for P30 and P30 Pro users starting September 8.

Devices like the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 RS Porsche Design, Mate 20X, and Honor V20, Honor Magic2 will also get the update.

This is just the initial list of devices. Huawei said that it will add more devices that will receive EMUI10.

Stay tuned!

Huawei users? Are you excited?
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