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Breaking: OPPO to launch Reno2 with 20x zoom!

That was unexpected! OPPO has just revealed that the company is working on a phone dubbed as the Reno 2 and it will go official in India first on August 28. The news came just a few months after the release of the flagship Reno 10x Zoom.
Breaking: OPPO to launch Reno2 with 20x zoom!
Reno2 teaser

OPPO Reno2 will come with four cameras and up to 20x zoom!

OPPO's Twitter post reads "Reno2 Series". It suggests that there will be more than just 1 Reno2.

The teaser also showed a silhouette of the phone with super-thin bezels and the sharkfin-like pop-up camera system.

It will also come with a quad-camera system with 20x zoom! The current Reno 10x Zoom only has up to 10x lossless zoom. This means that it has up to 20x lossless zoom.

Most likely, the reason behind that is OPPO will use a next-generation periscope type of zoom camera.

If its 10x lossless zoom brother can shoot up to 60x digital zoom, maybe this can zoom even farther.

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Other than that, the rest of the missing details are unknown for now.

Stay tuned!

Source: OPPO
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