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Cebu Ocean Park is now open, admission starts at PHP 600

The largest oceanarium in the country has opened in Cebu last May 2019 (soft opening), and is said to hold its grand opening before the year ends.
Cebu Ocean Park is now open, admission starts at PHP 600
Cebu Ocean Park (Photo Credit: Jan Mckingley O. Hilado)

Largest oceanarium in the Philippines

Cebu Ocean Park is relatively bigger than the Manila Ocean Park. The 1.5-hectare oceanarium sits near the SM City Seaside Cebu and is almost twice the size of Metro Manila's oceanarium.  

It houses more than 200 species of animals. Some of the wild and reptiles came all the way from the Amazon rainforest. 

The 7.2-meters deep oceanarium offers 360-degree views of the marine life with a wide walkway for the tourists. The corals being exhibited in the oceanarium are all artificial. Meanwhile, the 20,000 fish species and 200 other kinds of marine life inside the 360-degree view oceanarium mostly came in from our own oceans and some from the different countries.
The oceanarium's 360-degree view blue tank (Photo credit: Cebu Ocean Park's website)
The oceanarium's 360-degree view blue tank (Photo credit: Cebu Ocean Park's website)

There are other attractions with separate fees that lets anyone interact face-to-face with the different animal species!

1. SeaTREK - An ultimate underwater adventure wearing a diving helmet as you go underwater, interact, and be surrounded by marine life. It is safe and ideal even for non-swimmers.

2. Crocodile Cage - Dive into a thrilling encounter with a 14-footer saltwater crocodile! Who dares to go?

3. Fish Spa - Just like with the Manila Ocean Park, your feet can enjoy in a tank of toothless doctor fish. Let them nibble away your dead skin cells from your tired feet, giving you a micro massage that will exfoliate the skin and improve blood circulation in the body.

4. Swim with the Stingray - Experience hands-on learning with multiple species of rays and sharks that you can interact with. Cebu Ocean Park even lets you hold the stingrays that come close to you.

Price and availability

Cebu Ocean Park now serves up to 3,000 people at a time inside the park. Weekday admissions are priced at PHP 600 while weekend tourists will be charged at PHP 800. Meanwhile, children below 2ft. are free of charge.

The admission ticket lets you enjoy the following attraction: Jungle Trek, Creepy Critters, Lorries, Seven Seas, Oceanarium Journey, Ampitheatre, and Main Tank Gallery.

The following are the corresponding rates for the interactive activities mentioned earlier:

1. Sea Trek - PHP 1,200
2. Crocodile Cage - PHP 2,000
3. Fish spa - PHP 100 per 20 mins.
4. Swim with the Stingray - PHP 1,000

Who's going to Cebu to see the Philippines' largest oceanarium?

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