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Home Credit announces "Hulugan Knockout" promo!

Home Credit has launched the Hulugan Knockout promo that is scheduled to run every weekend of September.
Home Credit announces "Hulugan Knockout" promo!
Promo to run every weekend of September

Home Credit Hulugan Knockout

Every weekend of the month, you can drop by the nearest partner stores in your area to get a 5 percent discount on your preferred item.

This is on top of Home Credit's great monthly installment plans. For those who want to avail of a 0 percent interest deal, the promo is also available on select items. Just pay the downpayment fee and take the device home with you. 

The Hulugan Knockout promo does not have any minimum purchase amount or any special requirements. It's as simple as going to Home Credit partner stores, ask about it, provide 2 valid IDs and choose your device.

As usual, there is no need for a credit card and the application's results only take a few minutes.

You can check out Home Credit's Facebook Page for more details about the promo and some of its latest offerings as well.

You can also get the MyHomeCredit app at the Google Play Store to also stay up-to-date with the company's latest deals.

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