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Flex your Furbabies: Tiktok has tips for Pinoy pet-owners in creating viral memes

Multinational company TikTok that is widely known for short-form mobile videos shared good news for its Filipino users. It is about some tips to make Pinoy pet memes stand out more in their owner's social media accounts.
Flex your Furbabies: Tiktok has tips for Pinoy pet-owners in creating viral memes
Viral pet videos using Tiktok's 9 screen delay filter

Why do most Pinoys like pet videos and memes?

It seems that videos about pets are huge craze today. A good example is the viral cat video featuring the 1954 song "Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes matched with a 9-split screen TikTok filter. According to some users, it’s the “best thing on the internet today." After that is a video of a corgi doing the same drill earned a lot of online shares because of its cuteness overload. 

According to the statistics of Australian pet insurer Petsecure, Philippines bagged the 5th spot in dog ownership so it seems no wonder that Filipinos have a soft spot for animals. It was 11.6M dogs approximately who have Pinoys as their owners. Instead of naming pets Bantay (guard) and Muning, they choose “Hooman” names for them as they are like a family member. 

This adoration is extended to the reason why Filipinos tendency to love pet memes and videos. Usually, these memes serve as a stress ball for adults who have a hectic schedule and heavy workload. Tiktok is suggesting its users upgrade their meme to make the next viral video.

Flex your furbabies using Tiktok

First, users should download the TikTok app on the Play Store or App Store. For sound options, tap the "Discover" button then search "Mr. Sandman". Then for the filter effects, the 9 screen Delay filter is available to some Tiktok accounts. Users should note that in the latest version if they weren’t able to save the delay filter, their video will have the Hexa-Delay which is limited to a 6 split-screen effect.

The next step is recording the video in a safe space where the animal or pet can be comfortable as no animal or human shall be harmed during this process. Last is sharing or uploading the video on Tiktok with the hashtag #MrSandmanChallenge so others can easily find it online.

Visit tiktok.com for more information.

Are you excited to do this with your fur babies?
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