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LG released OLED TV models E9 and C9 with NVIDIA G-SYNC support

LG just released new OLED TV models now sporting NVIDIA G-SYNC support that creates a superb gaming experience according to the company.
LG released OLED TV models E9 and C9 with NVIDIA G-SYNC Support
Stamped with G-Sync Support

It is claimed that compatibility was tested as a guarantee no flickering, stuttering or tearing during the game.

Big screens for PC gaming

The South Korean electronics company stated that LG OLED TVs had already gained its standing in terms of giving gamers an enjoyable performance. This is in consideration with factors like picture quality, input-lag and response time. By including the NVIDIA G-SYNC in 55-inch to 77-inch models, it seems that LG raised the bar in this arena. 

According to the company, the OLED technology utilizes the precision of individual pixel control to deliver realistic images. These TVs promised to offer response time with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz which may mean a win or loss for the gamers. It means that the input lag is claimed to be hardly noticeable at a 6 milliseconds range for 1440p content at 120 Hz and 13 milliseconds range for 4K content at 60 Hz. LG’s OLED TVs are “best displays for gaming” since their minimal input lag is less than a frame. 

Other features mentioned are supported for popular HDR formats in gaming and support for cinematic audio formats like Dolby Atmos and Dolby TrueHD. These models also feature LG’s deep learning-based AI sound for entertaining virtual 5.1 surround.

Sam Kim, senior vice president of the TV product planning division of Home Entertainment company at LG elaborated "It's no secret LG OLED TVs are coveted by gamers world over and we are committed to optimizing the OLED gaming experience for them. With NVIDIA G-SYNC adoption, we are showing that OLED TVs have the support and backing of the world’s top gaming hardware brand to make their products look their best."

NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible support for LG’s 2019 OLED TVs (E9 and C9) will be offered in select markets through a software upgrade in the coming weeks. Price and availability of these OLED TV models are not yet announced so stay tuned for updates.

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Source: LG
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