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PayMayaQR is now available in more McDonald’s stores nationwide!

McDonald's just announced that more branches are opening with an upgraded with NXTGEN Self-Ordering Kiosks that offer PayMayaQR as the payment option! 
PayMayaQR is now available in more McDonald’s stores nationwide!
Pay with PayMaya at McDonald's stores nationwide

Pay with PayMayaQR at McDonald's

Initially, only select stores in Bonifacio City in Taguig will accept PayMaya QR that will be followed by more stores within the Month. 
At Check-out, pay with PayMaya!
At Check-out, pay with PayMaya!

This involves ordering your McDonald’s dishes via the Self-Ordering Kiosks or the traditional Cashier counter and selecting PayMayaQR as the payment option. Users can then open their PayMaya app and scan the provided QR code and pay accordingly. 

This is an expansion of an earlier collaboration that enabled McDonald’s stores to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard and JCB credit, debit, and prepaid card payments through the new Self-Ording Kiosks at the new NXTGEN restaurants or at the traditional store cashier counter. 
Successful transaction!
Successful transaction!

This collaboration aims to improve the McDonald’s dining experience for all Filipinos by offering a new cashless digital payment option that is under the support of the Bangkok Sentral ng Pilipinas Payments System (NRPS) initiative. 

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