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Cherry Mobile teases a "lite" version of CherryRoam

After the success of the Cherry Roam and the recent launch of the Flare A1 Roam phone, Cherry Mobile teased that it will soon launch another roaming device.
Cherry Mobile teases a "lite" version of CherryRoam
Lite version of the CherryRoam

CherryRoam Lite?

On Instagram, Cherry Mobile VP and Head of Products and Development Lonson Alejandrino shared a pocket WiFi-looking version of the CherryRoam.

Based on the image he shared, the roaming device comes in a slim-looking gold-colored body with LED indicators for WiFi, signal, and battery life. It has an antenna-like bump on the upper right side of the device as well.

According to Mr. Alejandrino, it has the same function as the first CherryRoam, but it doesn't have a screen and it packs 3,500mAh battery with power bank function.

He added that since it doesn't have a screen anymore, users' mobile data usage can be monitored with the CherryRoam app.

To recall, CherryRoam is in partnership with GlocalMe which offers high-speed 4G LTE with WiFi hotspot anywhere in the world. It even has a Super China plan with built-in VPN to access all sites and apps that are banned in China like Facebook and Instagram.

Payment of data packages can be bought through vouchers from authorized distributors and in-app anywhere in the world via PayPal.

There is no word yet how much will it cost this time and when will it go official.

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