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Tulflix, a mobile app for Raffy Tulfo in Action

With the rising popularity of Raffy Tulfo in Action, a mobile application emerged recently on Google Play Store. 
Tulflix and Chill

Tulflix and Chill

Aside from its official channel on YouTube, which has now 7.73 million subscribers, a snippet of videos of Raffy Tulfo in Action has been circulating and going viral on social media platforms like Facebook. 

This continuous popularity of the public service of Tulfo may have driven ScriptRepublic to launch a mobile app that is similar to the online streaming platform Netflix-Tulfix: Tulfo and Chill. 

Please note that we have no information yet if the mobile app has sealed a partnership with the program as Raffy Tulfo in Action has not issued any statement yet about this. 
Binge-watch Raffy Tulfo in Action on Android
Binge-watch Raffy Tulfo in Action on Android

Tulflix, which is obviously in its early stages, is currently offering three parts: Latest, Popular, and Live. 

It has no search button yet, plus only recent videos can be streamed on the platform. 

We just hope though that this is legit and that the app developer contacted Raffy Tulfo in Action for the content. 

Tulflix can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but it is not yet available for iOS devices.

What do you guys think?
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