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Counterpoint: Realme is the fastest growing brand in India

While Xiaomi and Samsung are still the leaders in the Indian market, Counterpoint Research's latest report revealed that realme has had very solid growth. In fact, it is crazy for a brand that is not even 2 years old.
Counterpoint: Realme is the fastest growing brand in India
The realme 5 Pro

Realme is a fast-rising mobile brand

Counterpoint's data showed that realme recorded its highest ever shipments in India. It is also the fastest-growing brand as it registered 6x growth compared last year. 
Numbers at Counterpoint
Numbers at Counterpoint

In particular, in Q3 2019, it now has 16 percent of the Indian market share from just 3 percent last Q3 2018. It translates to the number 4 spot in the Indian market just 1 percent behind Vivo, 4 percent behind Samsung, and 10 percent behind Xiaomi.

Driven by an attractive spec and design-focused mid-tier portfolio and aggressive online channel strategy, promotions, Realme saw consistent growth in the market since its entry.

The second biggest growing brand in India is Vivo with 7 percent growth. From 10 percent last Q3 2018, it now has 17 percent of the market share.

Xiaomi is still the leader with 26 percent of the market share. But due to the crazy growth spurt of realme, we won't be surprised if it will give it a real scare pretty soon.

Meanwhile, in PH, realme now has over 1,000 stores nationwide.

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