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Instagram Dark Mode now available for Android and iOS

Instagram Dark Mode is now official. It is now included in the latest stable release of the app for both Android and iOS.
Instagram Dark Mode now available for Android and iOS
Image from: Mac Rumors

Instagram Dark Mode? Yes, please!

After a few tests, Instagram finally rolled out the Dark Mode feature. It automatically works for both iOS 13 and Android 10 once you activate the system-wide dark mode on your phone. Even phones with its own custom UI with Dark mode like Samsung's One UI and Xiaomi MIUI can also trigger Instagram dark mode.

With the Android 10 update, Google introduced a system-wide dark theme that even affects native Google apps. Instagram is just one of the latest companies to integrate this feature into its app with many following suits.

Instagram's Dark Mode is an AMOLED dark theme which means that the background colors are truly black. Devices with AMOLED screens can take advantage of this and can help extend battery life. This also differs from some Dark Modes wherein instead of black, dark grey color is used.

It is also worth noting that Instagram does not have its dedicated toggle for Dark Mode. Once you go dark on your phone, Instagram goes dark. We are sure that some people would appreciate if it can be toggled within the app.

How to activate Instagram Dark Mode for iOS and Android

  • Update to the latest version of Instagram.
  • Enable system-wide dark mode on your smartphone.
  • Open the Instagram app and voila!

It is not yet working on some of our phones with system-wide dark mode though. How about you?

What do you guys think?

Source: Adam Mosseri
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