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Fujitsu Philippines announces multipurpose image scanner fi-800R

The fi-800R was unveiled as a compact image scanner that is highly suitable for corporate use. This is also the newest addition to the existing fi Series, and Fujitsu claimed that it can scan 40 pages per minute.
Meet the functional fi-800R scanner

What can the fi-800R scanner contribute?

The digitization and automation of services in industries like healthcare, banking, BPOs, and even in government institutions have required the efficiency of operations over the counter. Paula Vicente, product manager of Fujitsu Imaging Products explained that the company is committed to innovating its products and concerning the customer’s needs. She further added, 

that is why we are introducing the fi-800R, our next-generation scanner. As the smallest image scanner in its class, the fi-800R is simply easy to operate and the ideal scanner for limited workspaces like reception desks and service counters.

Features of Fujitsu fi-800R

This compact scanner is able to do both booklet scanning and document scanning. Aside from that, it is claimed to have the first technology to correct slanted documents automatically with software that checks document orientation. It can also sort documents to simplify the pre-scanning process.
The Fujitsu fi-800r in action
The Fujitsu fi-800r in action

Moreover, the Dual-Path Mechanism enables this device to switch to the correct path depending on the location where documents are loaded. In this way, users can perform a batch scanning of different batch of documents without interrupting the process.

Another feature is applicable for scanning a passport or ID card, and this is the Front Side Detection function. This one is like a program to determine the front and backside based on the photo of a face. This is helpful in or organizing images in proper order during batch processing in travel agencies or hotels.
Sample output of this compact scanner
Sample output of this compact scanner

There’s still no information on the exact date of its availability and price here in the Philippines.

Please stay tuned for updates and check www.fujitsu.com/ph to know more details.

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