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MediaTek partners with Intel, 5G laptops are coming!

A pleasant surprise! Intel has teamed up with MediaTek to create 5G modems for laptops and PCs in 2021!
Intel partners with MediaTek, 5G laptops are coming!
For 5G laptops in 2021

MediaTek x Intel

MediaTek's role is to develop and deliver the tech. Intel, on the other hand, will define the 5G solution specs. Intel will also validate the designs, provide optimization, and lend the support needed to integrate the modems into shipping computers.
MediaTek has its own 5G chips
MediaTek has its own 5G chips

The companies are also working with Fibocom to produce M.2 5G modules tailored for Intel-based systems. M.2 is the format usually used for SSDs.

Engadget reported that MediaTek and Intel are expecting to release the first laptops and PCs with 5G connectivity in 2021.

To recall, Intel has backed away from 5G in smartphones. On the other hand, MediaTek now has 5G Helio 5G modems and 5G SoCs. It simply means that this is a mutually beneficial partnership between the two chipmakers.

It should make Intel ready for the inevitable age of 5G and it should give them the capability to have an advantage over competitors such as AMD.

Intel also knows that Qualcomm, a major mobile chipmaker, is prepping its own 5G chips for laptops.

For MediaTek, the partnership gives them a major footprint in the PC world.

Source: Engadget
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