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Sony highlights its evolution in the creative entertainment tech industry at CES 2020

Sony presented and highlighted its evolution as an entertainment tech company during the CES 2020 in Las Vegas.
Sony highlights its evolution in the creative entertainment tech industry at CES 2020
Sony unveils new PS5 logo at CES 2020

Sony at CES 2020

Sony also announced an electric car
Sony also announced an electric car

Sony has committed to deliver products and services that leave a mark to people as well as push innovation on society, Sony's officials spoke during the company's press conference where they stated that creativity is a major part of the company's roadmap moving forward. Sony believes that creativity combined with technology is nearly unstoppable.

Sony stated that the Playstation 4 has now sold more than 106 million units worldwide while the Playstation Network has now reached 103 million monthly active users. The company also touched on the Playstation 5's cutting-edge technology and features as it is expected to launch during this year's holiday season.

Sony also presented a recent achievement of a joint proof concept trial with NBC Sports and Verizon at a football game. NBC went on stage and expected Sony's tech to aide media production for the broadcasts and wireless communication technology to move forward and have a better workflow.

Sony also showcased the contribution it intends to lend to make a highly advanced autonomous driving society with "Safety Cocoon". This tech aims to support vehicle safety by detecting 360 degrees around the vehicle and enabling early preparation to help evade risk. The company also showcased advancements in its imaging and sensing technologies.

Sony also showed new mobility proposals that aim to provide both comfort and entertainment. It is touted as the VISION-S  initiative. The first prototype vehicle fir VISION-S uses 33 sensors including CMOS image sensors as well as Time-of-Flight sensors. It also has Sony's AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies which are to be used for continuous updates to evolve its features.

Going back to the Live Sports Broadcasting technologies, Sony will use 5G and AI technology for new artistic and untethered camera work. In December 2019, Sony recorded a video of an American football game with a 5G-connected camera. At the booth, the Sony PXW-Z450 shoulder camcorder, as well as the Xperia 5G mmWave device, were showcased.

Lastly, Sony also showcased its new Display techs such as the 220-inch 4K X 2K Crystal LED display system as well as the BRAVIA Z8H 8K LCD TV series. The latter has the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, Sony's new Frame Tweeter which delivers Sound-from-Picture Reality experience.

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