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Report: Huawei's Kirin 820 may use TSMC's 6nm process

According to a report from China, Huawei is expected to reveal the Kirin 820 mid-range chip mid this year.
Report: Huawei's Kirin 820 may use TSMC's 6nm process
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The Kirin 810 upgrade?

The main packaging and testing of the chip will be operated by ASE Holdings and it could be based on TSMC's 6nm manufacturing process.

If that's the case, the Kirin 820 could be the first chip that is based on a more advanced manufacturing process than the current 7nm process of most modern flagship smartphones.

The report said that the chip will use ARM's Corex-A76 cores like some flagship chips. It is still unknown if it will come with an integrated 5G chip or not yet.

According to industry insiders, the Kirin 820 could be mass-produced as soon as May or June this year and it is expected to debut with Huawei's mid-range Nova series.

But, there is still no solid details that the Kirin 820 will be really based on 6nm or 7nm.

Let's expect to hear more about this chip in the next months.

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What do you guys think? Could this be the Dimensity 800 killer?

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