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Google used machine learning to remove 600 apps with disruptive ads

Machine Learning helped Google detect and remove over 600 apps from the Play store for displaying disruptive and out-of-context ads.
Google used machine learning to removes 600 apps with disruptive ads
Google axes over 600 apps for disruptive ads

Apps with obtrusive ads get axed

Google defines disruptive ads as ads that appear on the user's screen in surprising ways that interfere with the device's usability and thus ruin the user's overall experience. 

The other type of ad that the company has targeted are ads that serve ads when the user is not actively using the source app or what Google calls "out-of-context" ads. This invades and disrupts key functions that ruin the user's experience.

In Google's ongoing efforts to improve the overall experience, the company recently removed nearly 600 apps from the Play Store and are now banned from the company's ad monetization platforms, Google AdMob, and Google Ad Manager for displaying disruptive ads and out-of-context ads.

Google says that its dedicated teams have developed a new machine-learning-based solution to detect when apps display out-of-context ads. In addition to this, the company will continue to invest in new technologies to adapt to growing malicious savvy developers.

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