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Will an eSports program soon be introduced in Philippine schools?

Mineski Global together with the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) recently signed a partnership to create an eSports program tailored for Filipinos.
Will an eSports program soon be introduced in schools and unis?
Mineski Global and PCCL execs partner for local eSports program. Photo via Manila Standard

eSport program to be created under Mineski Global and PCCL watch

eSports might soon be a viable career option. The Mineski Global and PCCL are working to make this happen for Filipino gamers.

Through the partnership, the organizations will create a sustainable and accessible eSports program that will be potentially taught in Philippine schools and universities. 

The program will promote responsible gaming and various core values, including camaraderie, that can be acquired through the digital sport. Having this established will also foster an eSports community in the Philippines that will support and groom future professional gamers that will represent the country on the global competitive stage.

eSports tournaments like StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Dota 2 among others were part of the recently concluded SEA Games. Many student-athletes showed their gaming prowess, underscoring that if trained and given the tools they need to excel they could bring more glory for the country. 

Mineski Global and PCCL are also championing eSports to be declared a regular sport.

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