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Smart Communications showcased the benefits of 5G for eSports and mobile gaming

Smart Communications pushes for 5G development as it will also for the advantage of mobile gamers and eSports enthusiasts. 
Smart Communications showcased the benefits of 5G for eSports and mobile gaming
Smart is pushing for 5G connectivity in the Philippines

PLDT-Smart Omega as the first champion in a 5G-assisted tournament

Some studies show that 5G can be useful for productivity-related applications like AI-powered automation of factories and driverless cars. But aside from those, Smart is also looking at the impact of driving 5G on the gaming community in general.

A 5G powered eSports exhibition match was held at the PLDT headquarters in Makati City. The Philippines’ first and only franchised-based eSports league participated in this event. Athletes from PLDT-Smart Omega and Cignal Ultra Warriors battled it out on Mobile Legends using Smart’s 5G network using the latest 5G devices. The PLDT-Smart Omega won at the end of the ten-minute online match.

During this event, smartphones like Huawei Mate 5G, the OPPO Reno 5G, and the ZTE Axion 5G were exhibited. Meanwhile, Smart is planning to set up indoor 5G coverage to support the training of different eSports teams under The Nationals. 

The eSports industry successfully kick-started in the country during the 30th Southeast Asian Games in which numerous gold medals were received by the Philippines. PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Smart President and CEO Alfredo S. Panlilio also mentioned,

We have always been a staunch supporter of this growing industry, and part of this commitment is making the best of our technologies available for the advancement of eSports in the country

Smart Communications formed a partnership with the Philippine national eSports team Sibol and by providing incentives for gold medalists. Apart from that, PLDT and Smart also showcased a special 5G showcase at New Clark City to demonstrate how 5G will power exciting new applications.

5G or fifth-generation wireless broadband technology can deliver exceptionally high speeds coupled with lower latency and these are factors that matter in the gaming experience. Smart’s current 5G network is said to have a lower latency that is fitting for AR/VR and game applications. With further plans of deploying 5G standalone, performance will be improved with another feature of 5G, the ultra-reliable low-latency communication.

This 5G broadband technology will also introduce new possibilities in other industries such as retail, transport, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. Smart launches 5G base stations in Makati and Pampanga last 2018, making them the first Smart 5G cities.

To know more details, visit the Smart Communications official Facebook page.

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