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Mayor Vico Sotto acquires drones to help fight COVID-19

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto acquired three DJI MG-1P drones to help in disinfecting and fighting COVID-19.
Mayor Vico Sotto acquires drones to help fight COVID-19
Mayor Vico Sotto buys three DJI disinfectant drones

Pasig City now has disinfectant drones

The young mayor is exhausting every possible means to help fight COVID-19 and protect Pasig City residents. The drones have a 10-liter payload that can spray disinfectant in different areas. The drones cost PHP 1 million each.

The same drones from DJI were used in China as aerial spray and disinfection robots. The original usage of the drones is for spraying pesticides in farms and now has a brand new work as one of the frontline defense during the COVID-19 crisis.

The drones will each have a canister filled with liquid disinfectant.

In China, they used alcohol-based disinfectant or chlorine solution. This might be the same mixtures to be used in Pasig in the coming days.

The drones were tested at Rizal High School in Pasig.

Source: Esquire PH
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