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Vivo S1 Pro vs OPPO Reno2 F - Quick photography comparo

Vivo's S1 Pro is a mid-range smartphone with an attractive camera system for its PHP 15,999 price tag. Based on our shots, we think that it can compete with some phones with slightly higher price tags.
Vivo S1 Pro vs OPPO Reno2 F - Quick photography comparo
Team OPPO or team Vivo?

To check if our speculation is correct, we decided to compare the photography capabilities of the Vivo S1 Pro against the PHP 17,990 OPPO Reno2 F.

Let's begin!

Vivo S1 Pro vs OPPO Reno2 F Camera Specs

DeviceVivo S1 ProOPPO Reno2 F
Back Camera48MP f/1.8 Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1 w/ PDAF + 8MP f/2.2 ultra wide-angle + 2MP f/2.4 4cm macro + 2MP f/2.4 depth + dual-tone LED flash48MP f/1.79 w/ PDAF + 8MP f/2.2 119-degree + 2MP f/2.4 mono + 2MP f/2.4 depth + dual-tone LED flash
Selfie Camera
32MP f/2.0 OV32A sensor w/ AI face beauty and screen flash
16MP f/2.0 w/ AI face beauty and screen flash

On paper, the S1 Pro and Reno2 F are equipped with similar camera specs at the back. The 48MP of the Reno2 F is just a tad brighter at f/1.79 against the f/1.8 of S1 Pro.
The camera UI of both phones
The camera UI of both phones

In the front, the S1 Pro has a huge advantage as it comes with a bigger 32MP f/2.0 OV32A sensor. Meanwhile, the Reno2 F only has a 16MP f/2.0 camera found on its pop-up camera module.

Scene 1 - Daylight
Under a well-lit scene, both will perform well. The OPPO shot has truer colors and a wider dynamic range. I slightly prefer the details on the Vivo. However, it made the grey sky look blue and the shot is simply more saturated.
But in some scenarios, the Reno2 F will look overexposed and oversharpened. The S1 Pro shot here is still a bit saturated, but it looks better than the Reno2F shot this time. It isn't that noisy as well.

S1 Pro - 1 point, Reno2 F - 1 point

Scene 2 - Zoom
OPPO left, Vivo right
OPPO left, Vivo right

Here, I slightly prefer the output in the Reno2 F even if it is a bit oversharpened. Exposure, shadows, and highlights are better. It isn't that dark as well.

Reno2 F - 2 points

Scene 3 - Daylight ultra-wide
For wide shots, the result is similar. The Reno2 F got the shot with slightly more natural colors. But again, it is a bit overexposed. The S1 Pro wide-shot is a bit sharper as well.

S1 Pro - 2 points

Scene 4 - Indoor bokeh
The sharpness on the subject is comparable along with edge detection. The bokeh on the OPPO is deeper, but it doesn't mean that it is better. It overexposed the background once more. On the subject, Vivo got nicer details, colors, and exposure.

S1 Pro - 3 points

Scene 5 - Low light 1

Both performed decently in low light, but not as great as I want. The Reno2 F shot has a lot of noise. On the other hand, the S1 Pro shot is quite soft. Both respectable colors. The exposure on the S1 Pro is a bit brighter. Tough call.

S1 Pro - 4 points

Scene 6 - Night Mode
Unfortunately, the S1 Pro doesn't have a handheld long exposure Night mode. By default, the Reno2 F defeated it by delivering a Night mode shot with sharper details, better exposure, wider dynamic range, and everything.

Reno2 F - 3 points

Scene 7 - Selfie daylight
Despite having a lower resolution camera sensor, I slightly prefer the OPPO selfie here. It is sharper with nicer colors.
Better details on the Reno2 F selfie despite the lower resolution
Better details on the Reno2 F selfie despite the lower resolution

The S1 Pro with 32MP is a bit softer here. As expected, it has a shallower depth of field even if you don't use the portrait mode.

Reno2 F - 4 points

Scene 9 - Indoor selfie

In a more challenging indoor selfie, the exposure of the Reno2 F prevailed. But this time, details on the S1 Pro are a bit sharper and the dynamic range is wider.

S1 Pro - 5 points

Scene 10 - Selfie with flash
Both didn't perform that well for selfies in the dark, so I used the screen flash on both devices. Again, I like the Reno2 F selfie as it isn't as soft and bright as the S1 Pro selfie.

S1 Pro - 5 points, Reno2 F - 5 points


We got a tied score of 5 apiece.

This quick comparison proved that the PHP 15,999 Vivo S1 Pro can compete against smartphones with slightly higher price tags like the Reno2 F.

To recall, the original SRP of the Reno2 F is PHP 19,990 before it got its new PHP 17,990 sale price. 

It showed that it has a good point and shoot performance and pretty good selfie cameras.

However, if I can spend a bit more, I will still pick the Reno2 F as it has the Night mode. I slightly prefer its selfie camera even if it is just a 16MP shooter over the 32MP of the S1 Pro.

How about you guys? Do you agree with us?
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