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Watch: Xiaomi showcases FAST 40W wireless charging solution

Wireless charging is often slow, but not this time. On Weibo, Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng teased the company's upcoming wireless fast charging solution and it is faster than anything else that's out in the market right now.
Watch: Xiaomi showcases FAST 40W wireless charging solution
4,000mAh, 0 to 100 percent, 40 minutes

Faster than most wired charging solutions

In particular, it is a 40W wireless charging tech. In comparison, it is higher than the 30W VOOC wireless charger of OPPO that they demonstrated on a prototype smartphone back in December and Xiaomi's own 30W wireless charging tech.

On paper, it is also on par with the wired faster charging of Huawei on its flagship phones such as the Mate 30 Pro 5G.

In the teaser, they tested a modified version of the Mi 10 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery and a new fast wireless charging solution. The result? It managed to charge the phone to 57 percent in just 20 minutes. It reached the full 100 percent charge in 40 minutes.

To keep the thermals in check the wireless charger is tipped to pack a vertical air-cooler as well.

While this tech is still in the development stage, it is exciting to know that wireless charging is evolving for the better.

Currently, there's still no word when will this solution be available to a Xiaomi phone. Let's see!

Source: Weibo
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