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5 high-quality TWS buds that won't drain your wallet (Q1 2020)

Boredom strikes when you got nothing to do and you're stuck at home. Watching a series, listening to music or audiobooks and even calling someone might help the time pass by.
5 high-quality wireless buds that won't drain your wallets
JOYROOM JR-T04S: One of the budget-friendly TWS buds

A trendy TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones might be a great tool for all of the mentioned activities.

But since there are a lot of wireless buds in the market as of today, let us help you by narrowing down to our tried and tested ones on a budget:

5 high-quality TWS buds that won't drain your wallet

 Realme Buds Air
Realme Buds Air

1. Realme Buds Air - The Buds Air can provide great wearing comfort and fewer audio delays when you're playing online games like Call of Duty and Mobile Legends

It's a portable audio device with impressive audio quality and reliable connectivity so you can listen to your playlist for 17 hours. The realme buds have a 10W wireless charging support, a not common feature for the budget range.

Realme Buds Air is regularly priced at PHP 3,990 but there were times that Lazada put it on sale that it only costs PHP 2,990.

2. JOYROOM JR-TL1 - Want a pair of buds for an intense home workout session that is less than 2K pesos? Then, the JR-TL 1 might be the one you are searching for.

It has IPX7 waterproof protection and the buds themselves have a legit 6 hours of straight playback.

JOYROOM JR-TL1 retails for PHP 1,690 (promo price is PHP 1,390).

3. JOYROOM JR-T04S - The JR-T04S is another great steal from JOYROOM since it has a lightweight and ergonomic design and can endure 15 hours of total playback. Even though it lacks an IP rating, both buds, and casing have a solid build.

This budget TWS has a price tag of PHP 1,390.
Ekotek Ekobuds Dynamo
Ekotek Ekobuds Dynamo

4. Ekotek Ekobuds Dynamo - If you prefer your earbuds to have a unique design, then the Ekotek Ekobuds Dynamo might be your best bet.

Why? It has definitely a chic but minimalist design from its soft-matte painted casing to rubberized-matte earbuds. Aside from that, this TWS has a strong battery performance and big bass response.

The Ekobuds Dynamo is sold for PHP 1,998.
HONOR FlyPods Lite
HONOR FlyPods Lite

5. HONOR FlyPods Lite - Another contender in terms of affordability and quality is the FlyPods Lite from HONOR. It has handy features like instant pairing and dual-mic that enables you to make clearer calls. There's also is this motion sensor that pauses the audio/media playing whenever you take off the buds from your ears.

The FlyPods Lite can be purchased for PHP 2,990.

Honorable mention: Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Do you have any TWS in mind that can be added to this list? Share it with us!
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