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DOH teams up with Google and Senti AI to centralize information about COVID-19

To streamline its updates for partners, health professionals, and ordinary citizens, DOH is cooperating with Google and Senti AI.
DOH teams up with Google and Senti AI to centralize information about COVID-19
Steps on how they will manage the COVID-19 related information thru technology

To keep citizens and LGUs consistently updated 

By using a knowledge management tool with artificial intelligence developed by Senti AI, COVID 19 communications will be centralized nationwide. This is to make sure that vital information from DOH partners is updated and coherent.

The said tool is going to be powered by Google technologies.

Initially, the government agency has collaborated with several communication partners that have chatbots and call centers. It was done to spread critical information about the coronavirus to citizens and LGUs.

But then, the situation evolved quickly that caused a delay in communication channels. It means that a citizen or LGU located in the province may receive other versions of the same information from a chatbot or a call center partner.  

DOH sought the help of Senti AI and Google to enhance and organize its communication system. It also plans to incorporate this to other communication partners via a secure interface.

The communication tool will consolidate all FAQs, inquiries, and government guidelines as well. Additionally, DOH can edit or revise the contents and it will automatically update partners simultaneously.

It will be now easier for the workers as they won't be needing to skim a hundred documents for a single policy. DOH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire also noted how this can stop the spread of fake news.

The DOH hopes that this effort can mitigate the spread of fake news by providing a reliable and verified source of information that can be accessed by all citizens

Meanwhile, Country Director of Google PH Bernadette Nacario stated that their target to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful has become more critical during the pandemic.

She added that they are hoping that this partnership will help connect more Filipinos to locally relevant, timely, and credible information.

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