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DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra scores 69 in Audio tests

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra gets a score of 69 at DxOMark's audio tests to tie with ASUS ROG Phone II. It trails behind Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro's score of 76.
DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra scores 69 in audio tests
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra DxO Audio score

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra scores 69 at DXOMark Audio tests

Score breakdown
Score breakdown

DXOMark has just released the audio testing results for the Samsung Galaxy Ultra. The latest from the Korean giant scored a 69 which makes it tied with the ROG Phone II but trails behind the top-scoring Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro's 76. The Apple iPhone XS scored 74 while the Huawei Mate X scored 75.

DXOMark says that the Galaxy S20 Ultra manages to hold its own and in their playback testing, the mids and the highs offer precision and clarity. The maximum volume is good with controlled artifacts. The S20 ultra struggled with the low-end frequencies and the high dynamic content.
Pros and cons
Pros and cons

In summary, the Galaxy S20 Ultra's Playback had above average spatial performance, good dynamic performance and few artifacts even at maximum volumes while its recording had good timbre performance, average spatial performance, and few artifacts. 

The S20 Ultra struggled in Playback scenarios because of its lack of low-end tonal balance that impairs precision and because of unintelligible Dynamic content at minimum volumes. It also had a hard time in recording scenarios because of poor spatial and timbral performance when recording videos that add to the easily occluded microphones.

What do you guys think?

Source: DXOMark
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