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How to add money to PayMaya account thru Smart Padala?

PayMaya's large network of Smart Padala agents across the Philippines is helping Filipinos embrace cashless payments amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 
PayMaya boasts 30,000 Smart Padala agents

Cashless transactions are the way to go

As cashless payments are starting to become the norm, PayMaya said Filipinos can tap its more than 30,000 Smart Padala agents nationwide to add funds to their PayMaya accounts, which could be used to send money, pay for online orders, bills and even load.

By having Smart Padala as an Add Money touchpoint, we can ensure that our users are able to put enough funds to their accounts and continue using PayMaya for their daily necessities, said Shailesh Baidwan, President at PayMaya Philippines.

So, how do you add money to your account?

1. Go to any Smart Padala agent and tell the agent that you’re adding money to your PayMaya account. 
2. To Add Money via code, simply tap "Add-Money" in your PayMaya app and choose ‘Smart Padala via code.’  
3. To Add Money via mobile number, just fill out the transaction slip, include the amount you want to add and your mobile number linked to your PayMaya account.   Give your Add Money code or transaction slip to the Smart Padala agent.  
4. Present a valid ID (student IDs are accepted) as you make your payment.
5. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the branch.

During these times, being able to utilize cashless options for our everyday needs is more crucial than ever. With apps like PayMaya, Filipinos are able to send much-needed funds to their loved ones or even order their basic needs online without having the need to travel far, Baidwan said. 

Since the situation demands us to observe physical distancing and to stay at home, adopting digital payments could help lessen the transmission of the deadly virus.
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