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Xiaomi updates Mi Browser in response to privacy breach claims

Apart from the recent proof that disproves the privacy breach claim, Xiaomi has just seeded an update to further fortify the privacy protection of its Mi Browser.
Xiaomi updates Mi Browser in response to privacy breach claims
Xiaomi security

Privacy protection enhancement update

The update screenshot
The update screenshot

The update is 36MB in size which has started rolling out last May 3, 2020. It updated the Mi Browser from version V11.9.3-g to V12.1.4-g.
The update dubbed as the "Privacy protection enhancement update" will provide an option in incognito mode to switch on or off aggregated data collection.

This means that Xiaomi is taking privacy breach claims seriously and it doesn't want to lose public trust.

To recall, global media company Forbes recently published an article stating that seasoned cybersecurity researcher Gabi Cirlig has discovered that his Redmi Note 8 smartphone was watching much of what he was doing on the phone even on the supposedly private "incognito" mode of the Mi Brower.

In response, Xiaomi posted an open letter stating that users' privacy and security are of top of its priority. The tech giant added that they strictly follow and are fully compliant with the user privacy protection laws and regulations in the countries and regions they operate in.

Xiaomi also showed screenshots to disprove the privacy breach claim including an image showing how the Mi Browser works under the incognito mode where no browsing data will be synced.

The company also stressed that they randomly generate unique tokens to aggregate usage statistics while explaining that those tokens do not correspond to any individuals.

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