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Globe At Home outs Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 with 140GB open data and more!

Globe At Home just released Xtreme WiFi Plan 999, a postpaid plan with massive 140GB open data.
Globe At Home outs Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 with 140GB open data and more!
Globe At Home outs Xtreme WiFi Plan 999

140GB data per month!

The Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 is easy to set up as it is a plug-and-play device.

Aside from the home internet capabilities, the Xtreme WiFi device comes with a feature that could turn your regular TV into a Smart TV that you can use to watch YouTube videos on a bigger screen, access FREE clear local live TV channels, and enjoy its karaoke function.

Also, Globe is giving its customers 3-month access to Amazon Prime Video.

The 140GB data per month of Xtreme WiFi Plan 999 is equivalent to around 4.5 to 4.6GB open data per day. This means that it should be enough for those who consume a lot of data in a day. 

Globe said that they designed this plan for those who work from home and students who do online learning.

If the 140GB data is not enough, Globe is giving its users the option to avail the Plan 1499 with bigger 200GB data per month. This is the plan to get if everyone at home is connected always.

Now that many Filipinos are spending most of their time at home, the internet has become even more important. Parents use it for work, while children rely on it for their educational and learning needs. At the end of a busy day, families can also get together and go online for leisure. With this new plan, Globe at Home can provide those working, learning end entertainment needs to the entire family to help them recreate the world right at home, says Barbie Dapul, VP and Head of Marketing for Globe at Home.

To avail the plan, customers may visit the Globe At Home official online shop via Globe At Home Facebook Messenger.

Customers in other areas may also get the plan by visiting Globe stores nationwide.

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You may also visit this link for more info.
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