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Google gives USD 1,000 (around PHP 50.3K) to employees for work at home needs

In an email to employees last May 26, Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google employees will receive an allowance of USD 1,000 (around PHP 50.3K) to employees for work at home needs.
Googleplex photo from Wikipedia

USD 1,000 allowance for Google employees

Googlers may use the allowance to buy necessary equipment and office furniture for work at home. Pichai added that it is to make sure that its employees will "have what they need" to be productive and comfortable.

He also announced that Google will begin opening offices by July 6, but for a limited number of Googlers only. Employees will also need to take turns in every few weeks so that the building occupancy will be at just roughly 10 percent.

Google is doing this to observe social distancing while making sure that they are still productive.

The tech giant also said that in the office, they have rigorous health and safety measures in place to ensure social distancing and sanitation guidelines are followed.

You may read more about the entire blog announcement of Pichai on the link provided below.

Source: Google
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