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GrabFood to shoulder food delivery purchases this August!

GrabFood drivers no longer have to worry about no-show customers as the company is shouldering advanced payments this August.
GrabFood will have a new policy starting August
GrabFood will have a new policy starting August

Grab riders won't have to wait for cash reimbursement soon

Grab spokesperson and lawyer Nicka Hosaka declared during a hearing yesterday that the company is converting monetary online transactions. The reason behind that is to lessen incidents of unnecessary cancellations and abuse on their food delivery riders. This new protocol is going to be implemented in August. She explained, 

Moving towards August, we will implement this model whereby when the delivery partner reaches the restaurant, [he] does not need to bring out any cash or pay any cash. He will simply pick up the order.

Hosaka added that the establishment will then receive the payment straight via the app.  In return,  the rider will no longer have to wait for his cash reimbursement. Once the order is delivered, the app the cash collected will go straight to him.

She also explained that they are maintaining a feature called the driver wallet. The amount the rider collected from the customer will be debited from his driver's wallet. According to her statement,

We are just reversing [the process], it is already Grab who will advance it. One hundred percent of the monetary liability will now be on Grab

Hosaka also had clarification on Grab's new policy saying that it won't automatically cover all of their current merchants by August. They will start at 70 percent then gradually implementing it until they reach their full target.

Do you agree with this move of GrabFood?

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