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IDC: Huawei overtakes Xiaomi as the top wearables brand in China

The latest data from IDC showed that the wearable market shrunk in China despite the global market growth during the January to March period. This has made Huawei the top wearable during the said period.
IDC: Huawei overtakes Xiaomi as the top wearables brand in China
File photo: Watch GT 2

Huawei is the new top wearable brand in China

In China, there's a total of 17.6 million wearables shipped in Q1 2020 or an 11 percent drop versus 2019. Huawei was the big beneficiary of the drop as it bested Xiaomi with 4.28 million units shipped.
IDC data
IDC data

Xiaomi dropped by 0.6 percent with 4.14 million units shipped for the number 2 spot. Apple is in the third place with 2.84 million. 

Local brand LifeSense achieved the biggest growth with a nearly 73 percent increase. BBK dropped by 47 percent to ship just 765 thousand units.

The entire wearable market dipped, but the smartwatch market saw an 8.4 percent growth versus last year.

For smartwatches only, Huawei is the leader again with 119 percent yearly growth or 1.04 million units shipped. Apple is at the number 2 spot with 319 thousand units shipped. Next is Xiaomi with 128K units shipped. Xiaomi is followed by Garmin and Huami with 110K and 98K units shipped.

Source: IDC
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