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ABS-CBN ordered by NTC to stop its SKY Direct broadcasts

NTC served two cease-and-desist orders to ABS-CBN. One of those asks for SKY Direct's broadcasts stoppage.
ABS-CBN ordered by NTC to stop its SKY Direct broadcasts
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SKY Direct no more?

Sky Cable statement
Sky Cable statement

Following the order to stop ABS-CBN's TV Plus broadcast via Channel 43, NTC also cracked down on SKY Direct.

Sky Cable Corp. was ordered to stop its SKY direct-to-home satellite transmission using its DBS service via radio frequencies 14421-14457MHz and 12,673-12709MHz.

The company was asked to present a reason why frequencies assigned to it shall not be recalled due to a lack of necessary congressional franchise to operate.

It was also asked to refund subscribers amounts representing unconsumed prepaid loads, deposits on equipment and devices, and more.

Starting tonight, June 30, 2020, Sky Cable said that its 1.5 million subscribers nationwide will no longer receive TV signals. Sky Cable stated that its subscribers will be deprived access to channels that deliver them the news, information, education, and entertainment. 

The company also stated that it will also continue to appeal to the NTC to provide similar privileges provided to other companies whose franchises have expired but are pending in Congress to continue operations until a resolution is passed.

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Source: ABS-CBN News
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