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Here's how your personal Grab transactions are supporting livelihood of Filipinos

To show how every customer can create an impact on the economy building, Grab is enabling them to check their personalized impact report.
Grab users can now view their daily transaction through a personal impact report
Grab is also helping in supporting the economy by creating opportunities

Customers have an impact on the lives of delivery partners and entrepreneurs

As one of the leading delivery and ride-hailing services, Grab wants to show its Filipino consumers how they contribute to supporting the livelihood of its partner merchants.

Aside from that, it uses its platform to connect Filipinos for good and help each other during these challenging times.

In light of this, the company released the Personal Impact Report. It can show their everyday transactions from GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabMart, GrabPay, and GrabCar.

Several transactions are made in its services that many users rely on for convenience. These transactions do not only benefit customers but also produce a livelihood for riders and merchants.

In a nutshell, Grab said that customers made a contribution in three ways. First, they patronize services and allowing delivery-partners to sustain their livelihood. Second, they are extending support to delivery partners with tips worth PHP 9M.

Lastly, they encouraged entrepreneurs as 11,500 are now new merchant-partners.

Users can check out their personal report by opening the Grab app and by looking for this tile:

Click the #ConnectedByGood tile
Click the #ConnectedByGood tile

Your personalized data based on your transactions will then appear: 

A sample personal impact report
A sample personal impact report

There's also an option to share an impact on social media using #ConnectedByGood.

To know more about Grab For Good, click here.
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