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Filipinos can invest in govt's Retail Treasury Bonds using PayMaya

PayMaya is enabling Filipinos to invest in the government's Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) offering using their accounts. 
Filipinos can invest in govt's Retail Treasury Bonds using PayMaya
File photo: PayMaya app

PayMaya, Bonds.Ph partner to allow Filipinos to invest in RTB

This has become possible after the company sealed a deal with Bonds.Ph, a new online investment platform powered by the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX). 

The Bureau of the Treasury, it noted, provided Bonds.Ph the green light to offer its newly-issued five year bonds due 2025, with an aim to raise a whopping PHP 30 billion.  

The RTBs will be offered from July 16 to August 7.

We have always envisioned to provide Filipinos with affordable and secure investment instruments where they can invest and at the same time aid the government in raising funds especially at this time. So we opened up our next Retail Treasury Bond offering to an online platform like Bonds.Ph that allows investors to use e-wallets like PayMaya to invest in RTBs. Opening up various online channels that allows Filipinos to invest will ensure a wider participation from individual investors, particularly for this offering, said National Treasurer Rosalia de Leon.

To add funds to your Bonds.Ph account using PayMaya, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the Cash In section of the app and select Pay with PayMaya. A minimal fee of P5.00 per transaction will apply.
2. Choose the amount you want to cash in, then complete the payment process after receiving the payment details in your email.
3. Once your account has been funded, choose the bond offering you want to invest in, review the transaction details, and click "Buy"
4. The subscription will have an “Awaiting Subscription” status until the final allocation is completed. All orders are considered final upon placement and can no longer be canceled.

To check the status of your investment, click the "My Orders" button in the Bonds.Ph app. An email will also be sent to you for the notice of the successful purchase of the Bond.

To know more about this investment opportunity, you may visit its website
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