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Globe: Our 4G LTE SIM cards are 5G-ready

As we enter the era of 5G connectivity, many Filipinos are wondering if there will be a need to change SIM cards to enjoy the new tech.
Globe: Our 4G LTE SIM cards are 5G-ready
Globe 5G SIM

Globe's 4G SIM cards are compatible with 5G, Globe 5G SIMs now available

According to Globe, its current 4G LTE SIM cards are 5G-ready. Moreover, this applies to both Globe and TM subscribers with current Prepaid or Postpaid 4G SIM cards.

This simply means that if you are a Globe or TM user, you don't need to upgrade your SIM card to enjoy the benefits of 5G. All you need to have is a 5G-ready smartphone.

Globe also said that all its current LTE SIMs on sale at Globe stores, online shop, official dealers, and resellers will be replaced with 5G SIMs. Those 5G SIMs are backward compatible with 4G, 3G, and 2G.

Currently, Globe's 5G network is on its initial rollout stage. You can try it in select locations in BGC, Makati (Valero Street), Rockwell Center, and Ortigas (Gen. Malvar Street).

Globe said that 5G will be deployed in more areas soon. The service will rollout outside of Metro Manila in 2021.

The local telco giant is currently offering Globe 5G-ready smartphones for Postpaid users. For more info about Globe 5G, check this link.

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