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Watch: Globe's commercial 5G network reaches DL speeds of over 700 Mbps

Even if it is just in its early stages, commercial 5G services have arrived in the Philippines and it is here to stay.
Watch: Globe's commercial 5G network reaches DL speeds of over 700 Mbps
We tried Globe's 5G network in BGC

Since we have several Globe-certified 5G-ready smartphones, we wanted to check if it is as good as advertised.

File photo: Globe Huawei 5G antenna
File photo: Globe Huawei 5G antenna

So, we went to the Globe Amphitheater located the Bonifacio High Street in BGC last weekend—one of the first locations where 5G phone owners can try the next-generation connectivity technology.

To recall, Globe is also the first to launch 5G in the country.

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Before you go to the areas with 5G, ask your providers first if your 5G-ready smartphone is compatible with their networks. Also, make sure that your current 4G SIM is 5G-ready.

Watch the video below.

Watch: Globe's commercial 5G network reaches DL speeds of over 700 Mbps

Quick thoughts

Globe 5G is way faster than 4G
Globe 5G (Huawei P40 Pro) is way faster than 4G

Currently, 5G is only available in a few locations. But, this is just the start and it is a welcome development.

Globe: Our 4G LTE SIM cards are 5G-ready

Versus 4G, 5G is way faster. It allowed us to record download speeds of over 700 Mbps and upload speeds of around 40 Mbps. It also allowed us to stream without lag, do video HD quality video calls, and download things such as large apps in seconds.

Thankfully, 5G is easier to deploy than 4G. In 2020 alone, Globe allocated USD 1.2 billion (around PHP 63 billion) capex for network upgrades. The company also said that they will roll out 5G outside of Metro Manila starting 2021.

Plus, the Philippine government is now in talks with the telcos to help them get permits to build cell sites faster.

If Globe and competing telcos can implement this properly, it'll sure make the lives of Filipinos easier. It may even open a lot of business opportunities and other breakthroughs.

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To check Globe's current 5G-ready smartphones, visit this link.

Are you guys excited to experience Globe 5G? Let us know.
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