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Huawei details three more benefits of 5G aside from internet speed upgrade

Everytime we would hear about 5G, internet speed upgrade is the first thing that comes to our minds. But, did you know that 5G is more than that?
Huawei details three more benefits of 5G aside from internet speed upgrade
File photo: Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G Speedtest using Globe's network in BGC

How 5G is a game-changer?

While it's easy to oversimplify the benefits of 5G to being "just faster than 4G," there are many significant aspects that incentivize and justify the integration of 5G networks in modern telecommunications well into its future.

In case you want to know how 5G can affect people's lives, keep on reading below.

3 more benefits of 5G aside from internet speed increase

1. Speed and low latency in media consumption - We all know that 5G is 10x faster than the 4G connectivity that we have now. But did you know that this connectivity is almost exponentially superior in terms of download/upload speed, which offers tremendous potential just for media consumption alone? 

With 5G, people can enjoy uninterrupted video calls, download HD videos at low latency.

2. VR/AR/3D mixed reality - Integrating 5G with further development of VR software and hardware results in more immersive experiences as the platforms (VR headsets, goggles, and other peripherals) can render increasingly realistic elements for their respective mediums. 

Gaming is the obvious beneficiary, but other promising 5G-powered VR/AR applications include real-time troubleshooting in heavy industries or medicine, for example, where a more interactive approach makes a world of difference.

3. Cloud computing and smarter homes - The Internet of Things (IoT) when paired with 5G connectivity, can finally realize home automation’s full potential by seamlessly synchronizing all smart appliances—with the 5G-capable smartphone as the control hub. 

The adoption of 5G indeed means so much more than a speed upgrade.

Aside from the direct benefits of 5G, phones with 5G may also get an advantage in thermals, processor and GPU speed, AI performance, power efficiency, and even cameras as these devices are likely equipped with new-generation chips with more powerful cores and advanced features that most older 4G SoC solutions doesn't have.

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These reasons make Huawei handsets with 5G connectivity more future-ready than traditional 4G phones.

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