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FDA says cell sites do not pose health hazard

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supported telco players' claims that radiation emitted from cell sites do not cause health risks.
File photo of a cell tower

FDA maintains towers not a health risk 

In a public advisory dated September 3, and penned by director general Rolando Enrique D. Domingo, the FDA said that while radiofrequency radiation can heat up body issues, antennas are installed above cell towers, ensuring much lower exposure at ground level. 

It also noted that even the World Health Organization brushed off worries that there are adverse effects from typical exposure to radiofrequency radiation produced by cell sites. 

Dr. Gladys R. Cabrera, Health Physicist IV of the Department of Health, even said before that cell sites pose no threat to people's health, stressing they are "harmless". 

Texting while driving or walking will cause more harm than radiation from cell phone use or cell tower. So far, the science says, there is no evidence to say that cell phone use or a nearby cell tower causes cancer, Cabrera added.

The FDA also stressed the need for deploying towers as they are required in order to have mobile phone communications, calls, and data transfer.

Source: FDA
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