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DITO Telecommunity taps Fortinet as primary cybersecurity provider

DITO Telecommunity, the new challenger to PLDT and Globe Telecom, tapped US-based Fortinet's expertise in cybersecurity. 
DITO Telecommunity taps Fortinet as primary cybersecurity provider
DITO file photo

Fortinet is DITO's cybersecurity provider

Fortinet announced today that it sealed a deal as the third player's primary cybersecurity provider.

The American firm has been securing enterprises and organizations in the Philippines and around the world. 

The statement comes after worries about national security resurfaced following DITO's deal with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

But the group said it has cybersecurity plan in place, and vowed that its network infrastructure will not be used to get classified information from the AFP.

May we further remind everyone that as part of the New Major Player selection process, we have submitted our cybersecurity plan during the bidding process to prove that our networks and facilities will not compromise national security and shall abide with the National Cybersecurity Plan, said DITO Telecommunity Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano. 

DITO is backed by China Telecommunications and Davao's Dennis Uy. 
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