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Here are some security tips for TikTok users

TikTok has just shared some useful advice on how users can enjoy the app more while maintaining their safety.
Here are some security tips for TikTok users
Online safety tips for TikTok users

TikTok promotes safety and positivity to its users

Many netizens nowadays are enjoying the TikTok app in creating their own content. However, it is important to ensure your safety online whenever you browse the internet or share content on social media. 

The company aims to preserve a secure, positive, and welcoming environment so its users can have a creative avenue to express themselves. For that reason, TikTok has five tips for a safer and more enjoyable experience:

1. Always update your security settings - There are only three steps to change the settings on your TikTok profile which the hacker may use. Be sure to regularly check and update your settings for commenting, direct messaging, and duet.

2. Think carefully about the information you are revealing on your profile - As a user, you should avoid sharing details that may put your online and offline safety in compromise. Just disclose enough information to introduce yourself to others. Never share your daily schedule, bank information, and passwords and pins.

3. Share positive content - You can contribute to a happy online environment by choosing to post content that is positive and inspiring. With this, you might gain more followers and commenters who are also optimistic.

4. Filter your comments - TikTok says you can automatically filter out certain words from your comments. There are keyword filters that allow you to control how people reply to your posts. This feature might be handy in removing negativity from your feed.

5. Report inappropriate and toxic behavior - Thanks to the app's reporting feature, you can easily flag any users or content that make you or others uncomfortable. By reporting them, you are also doing your part to contribute to the wellbeing of the entire community.

You can download the app on your Android and iOS devices. 

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