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Google Workspace replaces G Suite and merges Gmail, Chat, Drive and Calendar

Google merges Gmail, Chat, Drive, Docs, Meet, Sheets and Calendar into one and is rebranded into Google Workspace.
Google Workspace replaces G Suite and merges Gmail, Chat, Drive and Calendar
G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace with new icons!

Gmail, Chat, Docs, Meet, Sheets and Calendar in one place?

Google announces major rebranding and redesign of its office suite of apps or G Suite into the new Google Workspace. This encompasses Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets, and Calendar and has been updated to be more integrated with one another.

Google has also updated its pricing tier by adding the new 'Business Plus' payment tier with more device management features.

Early steps of this new direction were seen with the Google Meet and Gmail merging. Now Google aims to draw more users by offering fully integrated services without having to look at another tab.

Some of these integrations are now available where Google Workspace apps will let users preview other documents embedded in the workspace they are currently working on. Improvements to 'Smart Chips' have also been added. Theses are the little contact cards that pop-up when you '@-mention' somebody in a document.

There is a long list of new features on Google Workspace's official announcement page.

In addition to this, Google has updated the icons of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Meet that reflect its rebranding and integration of services.

Lastly, Google has said that it has no intention of reducing third-party apps support for Google Workspace. Google aims to reduce tab-hopping and is hoping that more of its users will start using more of its products instead of third-party alternatives.

What do you guys think?

Source: Google via TheVerge
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