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MTRCB calls for video streaming services to apply PH rating system

Amidst the heated discussion around MTRCB wanting to regulate content on streaming services, the government agency dispels misunderstandings and clarifies that what they're asking is for video streaming services to "adopt" the PH rating system.
Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service in the country

MTRCB to co-regulate content with video streaming services

The governing agency for television and movies is reported to be coordinating closely with video streaming providers.

MTRCB chairperson Rachel Arenas said that the services reached out to them regarding the laws they should abide by. 

And while MTRCB is still drafting the guidelines, they had asked them to apply the PH rating system for television and movies: PG, R-13, SPG, R-16, R-18, X.

This will see video streaming services rate content according to appropriateness.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with this move? Let us know in the comments.

Via: Rappler
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