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DxoMark: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max receives a high camera score of 130 points!

Just a few days following the reveal of the iPhone 12 Pro's score, DxOMark shared the camera rating of its higher-end sibling—the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max DxO camera score

2nd best camera phone for stills today!

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera score breakdown
iPhone 12 Pro Max camera score breakdown

As expected, it achieved an even higher score than the 128 points of iPhone 12 Pro. iPhone 12 Pro Max received a Photo score of 138 points, a Zoom score of 68 points, and a Video Score of 113 points or a total score of 130 points.

This makes the iPhone 12 Pro Max the new 4th best camera phone at DxOMark's ranking behind the Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, and Huawei P40 Pro.

Mi 10 Ultra and P40 Pro may have higher overall scores, but the Photo score of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than both. Mi 10 Ultra only has 136 points for Photos while the P40 Pro has 137. Only the Mate 40 Pro with 140 points has a higher Photo score.

This means that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently the 2nd best camera phone for photos by DxO's standards.

To recall, the 
iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger 1.7µm 12MP f/1.6 camera that is 47 percent bigger than the main cam of the iPhone 12 Pro. It also has a sensor-shift image stabilization instead of the traditional moving optic lens. Apple also highlights that it uses a better zoom camera with up to 2.5x zoom and OIS.

DxO praised the Apple flagship device due to its fast and accurate autofocus, accurate exposure, pleasant warm white balance in indoors and low light, high details in low light, wide dynamic range in videos, effective stabilization, and more.

The cons are minimal. DxO shared that it has limited dynamic range in stills and noise is still visible especially in low light. Colors may look unnatural in HDR scenes as well. It lacks a long zoom capability as well.

But overall, mobile photographers won't disappoint.

In the Philippines, the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at PHP 68,990. Soon, it will be available at Beyond the Box, Smart, Globe, and other Apple Authorized sellers.

Source: DxOMark
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