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Qualcomm confirms that it is now allowed to sell "some 4G chips" to Huawei

Qualcomm just confirmed earlier reports that it had received a license from the US government to sell chips to Huawei. The catch? Only "some 4G" products.
Qualcomm confirms that it is now allowed to sell "some 4G chips" to Huawei
File photo: A Huawei store we visited in China

Only for 4G chips for now

A Qualcomm spokeswoman told Reuters that "We received a license for a number of products, which includes some 4G products".

To recall, Qualcomm and all other semiconductor companies were forced to stop selling to the Chinese technology titan after the US restrictions because of "unproven" security allegations, took place.

Back in October, there were reports stating that the US will allow suppliers with US technology origin to sell components to Huawei as long as it has nothing to do with the company's 5G infrastructure business.

But, it is still unknown if Qualcomm will also be able to sell its 5G chips to the Chinese tech giant.

The spokeswoman just said that those products are related to mobile devices and Qualcomm has other license applications pending with the US government.

Anyway, this confirmation will still provide some relief to Huawei's smartphone business being caught in the middle of the China-US trade war.

This also makes Qualcomm join MediaTek, Intel, AMD, Samsung Display, Sony, and more as companies granted permission by the US government to transact with Huawei.

We will follow this story and update you guys with more info.

Source: Reuters

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