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Manny Pacquiao is Mobile Legends' new ambassador in PH, also stars in new adventure game!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang announced that Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao as its new Philippine ambassador. "Paquito" is the new hero based on him.
Manny Pacquiao is in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Manny Pacquiao is in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Manny Pacquiao is the new Mobile Legends ambassador

Paquito is the hero based on Manny Pacquiao
Paquito is the hero based on Manny Pacquiao

Mobile Legends welcomed the boxing legends in the game with an aptly themed and named hero, Pacquito. Pacquiao believes that this partnership will help promote dedication, focus, and skills in both sports and esports.

Pacquito is a physical damage hero that specializes in dueling and chasing. He shares a lot of similarities in lore with Pacquiao's rise as an 8-division champion. The hero's lore says that he started boxing at a young age and eventually worked his way up to become the strongest fighter in the world.

This will be a huge popularity boost for the game since a lot of Filipinos play Mobile Legends. Having a Filipino icon like Manny Pacquiao represented in-game as a playable character will surely bring out the Pinoy-pride of its Filipino fans.

Play as Manny Pacquiao in "Fighting Pride: The Manny Pacquiao Saga"

Fighting Pride: The Manny Pacquiao Saga
Fighting Pride: The Manny Pacquiao Saga

In addition, a new 2.5D adventure game is also going to star the boxing legend. The game is called "Fighting Pride: The Manny Pacquiao Saga". The game was announced by OMG Inc. and developed by Ranida Games with inputs coming directly from Manny.

In the games Story Mode, you will partake in an RPG where you will go through Manny's journey from his early days to his rise as a boxing legend. The game touches on social issues such as poverty, bullying, and crab mentality. There's also the Historical Mode to recount his biggest fights as well as an Online PVP mode. The game is set to be released early 2021.

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