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Send disappearing messages on Messenger and Instagram with Vanish Mode!

Facebook introduces disappearing messages to Messenger and Instagram called Vanish Mode!
Send disappearing messages on Messenger and Instagram with Vanish Mode!
Messenger vanish mode, anyone?

Set the expiration according to your preference

Aside from the unsend and secret conversation features found on Messenger, Facebook rolls out the "vanish mode" in the popular messaging app and soon on Instagram. 

The Vanish Mode is a feature where users can send photos, messages, voice messages, emojis, stickers, and videos that disappear immediately once they're viewed by other parties and the chat window is closed.

This feature is similar to the secret conversation since it lets you enter an end-to-end encrypted chat that's saved only on your device. However, the vanish mode is designed to delete anything sent forever once it's been viewed.
Here's how it will look like
Here's how it will look like

You can enter the Vanish Mode by simply turning it on or off in the settings. Note that this new model is only available in one-one chats and not group chats, for now. Facebook says the mode will be opt-in only, meaning you have to agree to enter Vanish Mode once another user in the chat has enabled it. 

Messenger and Instagram will also notify you when a screenshot of a chat is taken while the vanish mode is enabled. And as always, you can block someone and report a conversation if you feel unsafe.
Coming soon on Instagram!
Coming soon on Instagram!

The Vanish Mode is slowly being rolled out to users worldwide. In case you don't have it yet, just wait and it will be there sooner than you think.

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