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Watch: Globe encourages 3G users to switch to 4G

Globe yesterday released a new video encouraging its subscribers with OLD 3G SIM cards to update to 4G to enjoy better data and faster speeds.
Watch: Globe encourages 3G users to switch to 4G
For future-proofing and faster speeds

Watch: Globe encourages 3G users to switch to 4G/5G

Why? 3G is nearing its obsolescence. Also, one of the reasons why some can't enjoy the speed of 4G even if their device is capable of it is they are still using an outdated 2G or 3G SIM.

Having a 4G SIM also means you have a future-proof SIM as Globe's 4G SIM cards are compatible with the new-generation 5G technology if your device or handset is 5G-ready.

To recap, those Globe also highlighted that the SIM card upgrade is for FREE and it is easy to use.

To upgrade your SIM, you first need to check if you are still using a 3G SIM by texting SIM CHECK to 8080. Next is to secure an appointment before dropping by at the nearest Globe Store in your area by visiting http://glbe.co/abs-queue or use your GlobeOne app.

You can also try to walk-in on a first-come, first-served basis or check the stores with Express booths which give priority to those who need a SIM upgrade.

If you are a postpaid user, simply request for a SIM change via GlobeOne app, and the new SIM will be delivered to your registered address via courier.

Globe earlier noted that you should transact at Globe Stores only to avoid being a victim of SIM swap scams.

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